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The Advantage RedCourt system uses a ceramic-coated infill that completely fills the Advantage RedCourt turf, with a nominal 2 mm surcharge above the top of the mat, providing an unbound surface. The play lines are produced using a high-density, which results in strong and visible lines within the playing surface.Court and line material

Advantage RedCourt is the ultimate alternative to original clay courts. Its surface is highly practical, has a similar appearance and play characteristics, but vitally is available for almost year-round play. And unlike traditional clay, there is no costly reconstruction each spring and no need for expensive irrigation.

The Advantage RedCourt system stands for:

  • All weather availability for near year round use;
  • Play characteristics of traditional clay (including visible ball prints);
  • No reconstruction every spring;ITF Court Pace Rating Logo
  • No sprinklers or watering;
  • Always visible integral play lines;
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor courts;
  • Less maintenance required;
  • More sustainable compared to traditional clay;
  • ITF Classified Court Pace 2.