ITF Court Pace Rating Category 2 for Edel Tennis Advantage RedCourt

ITF Classified court paceEdel Tennis Advantage RedCourt system has just been classified as a Category 2 Playing Surface under the ITF Court Pace Rating Scheme. The product was already listed as an ITF Classified Surface, but was previously rated Category 3. After a re-test this year, the system has been independently assessed to be in Category 2, a medium-slow court surface. This means that the playing characteristics of this all-weather artificial clay court are even closer to those on a traditional clay court. 

The ITF Court Pace Rating (CPR) measures the effect of ball-surface interaction. This concept includes: friction, which primarily determines the reduction in the horizontal component of post-impact ball velocity, and, vertical restitution, which affects the time between successive bounces.

Edel Grass is proud of the classification. We aim to produce products which are 'the best alternative to nature'. The CPR Category 2 classification shows that we are able to develop products which are longer-lasting, near all-weather playable, but still with the same playing characteristics as traditional courts. For more information about Edel Grass tennis systems, please visit our website