The Advantage RedCourt System is a “maintenance friendly” system compared to traditional clay. However, proper maintenance is still essential to obtain the full benefits of this playing surface and to extend the average product lifetime. Regular collection of debris and grooming after play with drag nets will maintain the pristine appearance of the playing surface for following players. Excess infill should be swept off the play lines, as you would on a traditional clay court.

Courts should be drag brushed once a week to keep the infill mobile and evenly distributed. If neglected, the surface will become uneven, compacted and slower draining, with greater risk of moss growth.

Hurlingham ClubIn addition to weekly sweeping, it is advisable to have the court professionally maintained on an annual basis. The specialists' equipment will provide a deeper sweeping operation and if necessary some of the infill on the top of the Advantage RedCourt turf can be replaced at the same time. Surfaces that are susceptible to moss growth or have evidence of moss growth should have moss killer applied. Such specialist maintenance helps extend the system's lifetime.